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Lifting & Rigging > Lifting Slings > Chain Slings G100 Alloy > Crosby® Eliminator™ G100 Chain Slings ETOS > Crosby® Eliminator™ G100 Chain Slings ETOS 5/8"

Crosby® G100 5/8” ETOS Chain Slings are Grade 100 Alloy Steel Triple Leg ELIMINATOR™ Chain Slings with G100 Master Link, Sling Hooks and Chain. The Crosby Eliminator is a Grade 100 alloy steel chain sling fitting consisting of a bail, hinge pin, latch pin, and lower body with cradle slot(s). Each sling is marked to show grade, minimal chain size, number of legs, rated load for the type(s) of hitch(s) used, reach and more. Warning: Read and understand Crosby specifications and instructions before using the Crosby Eliminator. Failure to read and understand those instructions may cause death or serious injury. RFID tagging is available for an extra charge.

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
078D-GR100ETOS625X03CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X3'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X04CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X4'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X05CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X5'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X06CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X6'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X07CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X7'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X08CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X8'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X09CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X9'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X10CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X10'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X11CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X11'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X12CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X12'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X13CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X13'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X14CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X14'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X15CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X15'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X16CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X16'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
078D-GR100ETOS625X17CROSBY G100 ETOS CHAIN SLING 5/8X17'Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA