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Rigging Hardware > Eyebolts > Forged Nut Eye Bolts

  • Drop forged steel
  • Heat treated
  • Machine threaded
  • Eye Bolts are threaded National Course before galvanizing and assembled with hex nuts tapped oversize

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
115-NEB0250X02EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/4X2"In StockEA
115-NEB0250X04EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/4X4"In StockEA
115-NEB0312X02.25EYE BOLT NUT HG 5/16X2-1/4"In StockEA
115-NEB0312X04.25EYE BOLT NUT HG 5/16X4-1/4"In StockEA
115-NEB0375X02.5EYE BOLT NUT HG 3/8X2-1/2"In StockEA
115-NEB0375X04.5EYE BOLT NUT HG 3/8X4-1/2"In StockEA
115-NEB0375X06EYE BOLT NUT HG 3/8X6"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X03.25EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X3-1/4"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X06EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X6"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X08EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X8"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X10EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X10"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X12EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X12"In StockEA
115-NEB0500X18EYE BOLT NUT HG 1/2X18"In StockEA
115-NEB0625X04EYE BOLT NUT HG 5/8X4"In StockEA
115-NEB0625X06EYE BOLT NUT HG 5/8X6"In StockEA