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Rigging Hardware > Swage Fittings > Nicopress® Copper Swage Stops

Nicopress® Copper Swage Stops are capable of holding only 1/3 to 1/2 of the rated breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached.

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
323-871-1-CNicopress® Copper Swage Stop 1/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-17-JNicopress® Copper Swage Stop 3/32"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-18-JNicopress® Copper Swage Stop 1/8"In StockEA
323-871-20-MNicopress® Copper Swage Stop 3/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-23-F6Nicopress® Copper Swage Stop 1/4"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-26-F6Nicopress® Copper Swage Stop 5/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-27-F6Nicopress® Copper Swage Stop 3/8"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
323-871-32-BNicopress® Copper Swage Stop 1/32"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA