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Rope Accessories > Throw Weights > Buckingham Throw Bags

Buckingham Throwbags are tear drop shaped throw bags with a tighter, more aerodynamic design. These throw bags are reinforced with two loops of stitching and the steel ring is fastened with five rows of stitching. Available in a variety of colors. Available weights are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 ounce.

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
409-16A1-08BBuckingham Throwbag 8Oz BlueIn StockEA
409-16A1-08GBuckingham Throwbag 8Oz GreenIn StockEA
409-16A1-08OBuckingham Throwbag 8Oz OrangeIn StockEA
409-16A1-08PBuckingham Throwbag 8Oz PinkIn StockEA
409-16A1-08RBuckingham Throwbag 8Oz RedIn StockEA
409-16A1-10BBuckingham Throwbag 10Oz BlueIn StockEA
409-16A1-10GBuckingham Throwbag 10Oz GreenIn StockEA
409-16A1-10OBuckingham Throwbag 10Oz OrangeIn StockEA
409-16A1-10PBuckingham Throwbag 10Oz PinkIn StockEA
409-16A1-10RBuckingham Throwbag 10Oz RedIn StockEA
409-16A1-12BBuckingham Throwbag 12Oz BlueIn StockEA
409-16A1-12GBuckingham Throwbag 12Oz GreenIn StockEA
409-16A1-12OBuckingham Throwbag 12Oz OrangeIn StockEA
409-16A1-12PBuckingham Throwbag 12Oz PinkIn StockEA
409-16A1-12RBuckingham Throwbag 12Oz RedIn StockEA