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Fleet Trucking & Towing > Tie Down Equipment > Ratchet Straps > Durabilt® Ratchet Straps w Flat Hooks

  • Available with a variety of end fittings auch as flat hooks, wire hooks, snap hooks and more. Also choose from several sizes, including 2", 3" and 4" straps. As a general rule, a wider strap equals a stronger strap
  • Ratchet has a safety locking feature
  • All Durabilt Ratchet Straps meet the requirements of the DOT (Department of Transportation), North American Cargo Securement Standards, the CHP (California Highway Patrol), the Canadian 905 Standard, the WSTDA (Web Sling & Tie-down Association Standards), Professional & Military Specifications, and the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance)

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
338-RS-2-20-LW-FHDurabilt Ratchet Strap 2"X20' Flat HookIn StockEA
338-RS-2-30-LW-FHDurabilt Ratchet Strap 2"X30' Flat HookUsually Ships 1-2 daysEA
338-RS-3-27-L-FHDurabilt Ratchet Strap 3"X27' Flat HookIn StockEA
338-RS-4-27-L-FH4Durabilt Ratchet Strap 4"X27' Flat Hook 5400Lb WlUsually Ships 1-2 daysEA
338-RS-4-27-L-FH7Durabilt Ratchet Strap 4"X27' Flat Hook 6600Lb WlUsually Ships 1-2 daysEA
338-RS-2-27-LW-FHDurabilt Ratchet Tie Down 2"X27' 10,000Lbs FlatUsually Ships 1-2 daysEA
338-RS-3-30-L-FH4Durabilt Ratchet Strap 3"X30' Flat HookIn StockEA
338-RS-4-30-L-FH4Durabilt Ratchet Tie Down 4"X30' 15,000Lbs FlatIn StockEA
338-RS-4-30-L-FH7Durabilt Ratchet Strap 4"X30' Flat Hook 6600LbUsually Ships 1-2 daysEA