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Wire Rope Slings
Our Wire Rope Slings are made to exacting specifications by our fabricating division. Our slings are manufactured using the flemish splice technique to form the eyes and are then mechanically swaged using steel sleeves. We use only extra improved plow steel wire rope. All slings come with a rating tag as per OSHA specifications. Warning: -Do not exceed rated capacities. -Rated capacities are reduced when applying angular loads.
Part NoProduct NameU/MEye SizeMin Lgth (ft)Rated Cap Basket (tn)Rated Cap Choker (tn)Rated Cap Vertical (tn)
2182701/4" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA2X4 in1.5 ft1.30000.48000.6500
2182805/16" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA2.5X5 in1.75 ft2.00000.74001.0000
2182903/8" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA3X6 in2 ft2.90001.10001.4000
2183007/16" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA3.5X7 in2.25 ft3.90001.40001.9000
2183101/2" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA4X8 in2.5 ft5.10001.90002.5000
2183209/16" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA4.5X9 in2.75 ft6.40002.40003.2000
2183305/8" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA5X10 in3 ft7.80002.90003.9000
2183403/4" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA6X12 in3.5 ft11.00004.10005.6000
2183507/8" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA7X14 in4 ft15.00005.60007.6000
2183601" 6X25 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA8X16 in4.5 ft20.00007.20009.8000
2183701-1/8" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA9X18 in5 ft24.00009.100012.0000
2183801-1/4" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA10X20 in5.5 ft30.000011.000015.0000
2183901-3/8" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA11X22 in6 ft36.000013.000018.0000
2184001-1/2" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA12X24 in7 ft42.000016.000021.0000
2184101-3/4" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA14X28 in8 ft57.000021.000028.0000
2184202" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA16X32 in9 ft73.000028.000037.0000
2184302-1/4" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA18X36 in10 ft89.000035.000044.0000
2184402-1/2" 6X37 IWRC WIRE ROPE SLINGEA20X40 in11 ft109.000042.000054.0000