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Rigging Hardware > End Sleeves (Ice Clips) 

  • Can be used on C-Coat Galvanized Steel Big-Grip Dead ends, Aluminum Clad Steel Strand Dead-ends, Galvanized Steel Guy-Grip Dead Ends
  • Available in a multitude of sizes

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityUM
704-GC-65128Preformed End Sleeve 5/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65136Preformed End Sleeve 1/4"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65264Preformed End Sleeve 3/8"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65265Preformed End Sleeve 7/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65266Preformed End Sleeve 1/2"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65267Preformed End Sleeve 9/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65268Preformed End Sleeve 5/8"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65269Preformed End Sleeve 3/4"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65270Preformed End Sleeve 7/8"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65271Preformed End Sleeve 1"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA
704-GC-65303Preformed End Sleeve 3/16"Usually Ships 1-2 daysEA